I’ve been fortunate to experience many different things in life such as marriage, children, family, career and some travel. I’ve always had an appreciation for both the challenges and opportunities that life offers us. My passion for photography grew in an unexpected way. For quite a number of years I’ve enjoyed scrapbooking as a hobby. As my children and family can attest to, I was always the one in the family with a camera in my hand documenting life. I wanted to learn to take better pictures for my scrapbooks so I started taking classes and investing in some photography equipment. In 2009 a family member asked me to photograph their wedding and that put the twinkle in my eye that maybe I should further pursue this passion.

My history with scrapbooking and documenting all the little things give me an attention to detail and allows me a photojournalistic approach to photography. I enjoy capturing posed portraits but it’s the small things that build the memories and may often get overlooked. My goal is to capture the moments and items, both big and small that will make your life or your special event a lasting memory to treasure.

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